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    Missing you and yes it hurts

    • Audry Sky

      Life is not over to you say it is. We live and learn and love ourselves more with each life experience.

    • Giovanni M

      Truth, you're in my thoughts, my dreams, my fantasies, my heart, my very being, but not my arms.... Yet

    • Beautiful Rose

      I'm broke. let me show you where it hurts. I'm trying to be brave, this wasn't my plan, but I can't handle these fucking maddening feelings You are not mine and you will never be :-( You have to let me go (as a lover). I will stay in your life, I promise ! But I will stay in your life as a soulmate only

    • Jonesy Jordan

      loss of a husband quotes | Missing Him Quotes | Quotes about Missing Him | Sayings about Missing ...

    • Charmaine Nicholas

      quotes about love and hurting | It Hurts When You Have Someone In Your Heart

    • Sarah Beard

      I so long to meet you sis! I am so tired of people saying "I know it was you and your back, or you work downtown Lansing. As if I can find you among ten thousand people. When I never knew your name. As a child I thought you must have died. As a young adult I thought I had a double, that lived close by. Our mother died when we were teens. She thought she had identical twins. The doctor was going to talk to her some more about it but never did. My certificate does not say who attended my birth. She told me about this only once, as she did with difficult things. Please look for me. Kositchek's in lansing has my name and number. Ask for Lori or Mark. They know I'm looking for you. Sarah

    • Lynette Mary Moon

      broken hearted mother quotes

    • Tracy Keck

      The truth of my life.

    • sonya best

      So true it hurts...

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    you have been on my mind so, so much ~ i miss you & love you Cowboy Michael.

    November 3 is the worst day of the year.. I miss my grandma so much.. The pain isn't weaker, even after 2 years. </3

    It's just me missing you amy.... I just wish you understood what its like to be a guy who "loves" you as much as i do.

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    Missing DJK.

    I want you...more than you will ever know, you walk through my dreams and haunt my memories everyday. I miss you like someone would miss their right arm.....I just want you, so much and so bad....I wish I haden't given you my heart

    The thought of a past event, or a simple smile at the right time is enough to make the whole day.

    Silent tears until my son returns to me, the man I know God made him to be...prayers every night for you son, I continue to miss you while you'e "gone"...Love ~ Mom

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    It killed me when you defended someone who didn't love you as selflessly as I did. Letting you go was the hardest thing I've ever done, but I hope you won't make the same mistakes with the next girl. I just wish you had made them with the girl before me.

    I miss you incredibly so. I wish I could share with you all my joys, discoveries, happiness, frustrations, triumphs, and shy good mornings and good nights. I wish you would've kissed me sweetly just a little more, held me a few more times, cherished me like you said you would. I wish we could start over. I love you still, and I will forever. A lifetime lived and loved before you; that's how I know that I truly love you, most deeply and profoundly. You changed me. I love you. I loved you. 12.3.14

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    Love you Jacob

    Someone asked me if I missed you. I didn't answer... I just closed my eyes and walked away... and whispered... so much ♥

    When I can't sleep at night, I stare at the empty side of my bed, and wonder about the things I would tell you, if you were laying next to me.

    Please speak of mijo often and never forget what he meant to you and those that love him and miss him.

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    we three love each other from the depths of our souls and memory. My heart misses and aches for you. My arms long to hold you and hug your neck. I remember the smell of you ..your smile, your laughter...I remember the essence and love of you.