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The Princess Diaries. One of my favorites!

Will haunt my dreams forever and ever.

I Am Totally Fine With This Reality

Haha, yep.

In true prego fashion... If I was pregnant I'd be buried in cereal and pigging out too.


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llamas and alpacas

Best 5 cents you'll ever spend

But so true...always having to watch when I bend over...thank God Leggings are back in style!

Marathon it here!:

Kissing is complicated. | 33 Animal GIFs That Are Guaranteed To Make You Laugh. Animal trying to lick a vacuum haha so cute. funny animal gifs

Daily Zen List is a list of useful websites like, learn how to type and road trip planer.

Squat Like Channing Tatum is Your Spotter Long Sleeve T-Shirts (L)

Hetalia. I see Hetalia


Wedding anniversary traditional gift chart

women live longer

Just sayin...hahaha


i seriously just laughed until I cried...not even kidding,


I Almost Died. Lmao.

I just died.