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Ten Apples Up On Top: tens frame match

Stations set up around the room - kids move around while practicing numbers OR Data Analysis and Probability - The students can work with a partner and have one sheet filled out with what they think will be rolled and then fill in another sheet with what they actually rolled. They can record data when they are done! This worksheet is a fun way to record what was rolled.

Activities for exploring numbers up to 10 and making tens using tens frames.

Ten Frame Math -- great for practicing number sense and learning to subitize numbers.

Ten-frames are a great tool for helping children relate number to quantity. They help children recognize that numbers can be made of smaller combin...

Freebie!--Hello Everyone--This a little book for your students. They can trace the number words and then color in the ten frame to match. Hope you can ...

In Make A Ten For Hen students practice the make a ten strategy using a ten frame. Students draw two cards numbers 2-12. Students then combine the cards making a ten first. $