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Helena Bonham Carter

pumpkins! these are just awesome!

j.k. rowling

It's not about one being inherently better than the other. It's about the choices they made. And Lily chose James. Period. End of discussion.

This is so true. Rowling didn't flinch from reality, even while writing a fantasy. I love that about these books.

This should have been in the movie. Seriously.

ϟ Hogwarts, Hogwarts

Maggie Smith and Rupert Grint.

Sirius will always be my favorite.

Thank You J.K Rowling

I love Emma.

more than one way

WHY was this not in the movie?!?!

Hermione & Ron.

"We were in Japan actually, when it was released...So I got it, and cause I was on Holiday, I turned my phone off so nobody could tell me anything. I blitzed thru it in like two days. I couldnt put it down. I remember I was on the bullet train, and got to the part of what happens to Fred, and I was like, *distressed noise*. And literally at that second, the ticket guy came around, askin for my ticket, & I was like 'I just died, mate! Leave me alone!'"

My two favorite fandoms! Yeah!

Russell Howard

rofl!!!!!!!! so true.. never thought about that :D

Emma Watson on American boys


Harry Potter: Behind the scenes

house stereotypes.

Deleted scene--that I wish they would have kept.

And this is why Jason Isaacs is awesome

Percy, Peeta, and Hermione.