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story of my life. I hate when real life interferes with reading!

Every time. It's soul-crushing. And if/when my books are made into films, I will not allow this to happen. Dang it.

The madness you experience when you're waiting for the next book in your series to come out.

Not knowing what your not-nerd friends want for their birthdays, because you're happy just with books.

this causes so many problems. it makes me sad. although, there are a few times where they are both good.

Once suggested "Jane Eyre" and some other romances to a Twilight fan. They said "No thanks. I'll just stick to Twilight."

Yes! Yes! The feel and the smell and even the papercuts that come with frantically turning the pages during all the best parts.

That ache in your neck when your head is turned sideways from looking at books too long.

Harry Potter...and Hunger Games...and Percy Jackson and the Olympians...