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Goodnight kisses. Good morning kisses. In bed. Is this going to happen for us? Sometimes it feels like I'm kidding myself and it's all just a dream.

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One of my *favorite* things to do with my fiance is just hang out and read on my bed.

so sweet..engagement photo..

"There’s something about the one who makes you laugh." S.R.Reid | Let Me Grow Old With You | Thought Catalog

This.... it's this... in the middle of the night.....or early morning... when you wake unexpectedly and think..oh...hmmmm....and smile and go back to's this that has just happened, a snuggle back against you...

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When I develop feelings towards someone, I'm blown away. It's to the point where I act cold toward the person. I was actually really attracted to dust., from antm, but he was the "beautiful model bad boy" on the show, so I was guarding my heart & acted unphased. My recent Guys have liked my intimidation, though. If I like you, I will NEVER let you know it, & I will never make the first attempt. You like me? Come after me. If you don't chase me, I'm like, "ok, I don't care, bye! On to the ne...

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