Finger Painting - Tape on Canvas and remove when dry! I want to do this!

Fun art project for the kids great for Valentine's Day

8x10 canvas- butterfly footprints with finger print antennae. ADORABLE!

Good for messy play if painting with hands, good for establishing hand grasp/dominance of utensils, older child can help rip tape and/or place tape

stuffed animal storage

homemade finger paint safe for baby to eat. U should show this to people at work

Handprint ballerina tutu on canvas

Finger Painted Name Canvas - Tape out the child's name on a canvas. Have them finger paint the canvas. Once it dries, remove the tape for a great personalized piece of art!

Quick and Easy 15 Minute Kids Crafts that require no special skills or tools. PERFECT for beginning crafters and "non-crafty" parents - Carving out family time to create and bond is SO important!

someday i'll be the cool mom who shows her kids how to make one of these. :) Under the table hammock

This is a neat idea!

20x20 Custom Collage Canvas (updated blog post):

Place paint in a gallon sized Ziploc bag. Seal the bag, then tape them to a window. Let your toddler move the paint around in the bag using ...

Tape your child's name onto a canvas and let them finger paint around it...Then remove the tape : )

another canvas tutorial {FUN!!!}

I already do this, but not with cash. Every tax season, we get $100 savings bonds for both Ace and Haven. They gain interest and we will give them as graduation gifts. I think writing letters along with it is a neat idea that I hadn't thought of

Gallery Wall Kid Art (With the Kids Wednesday #4) - Creatively Living Blog

Home Is Wherever I Am With You - Map Background Instead of Flowers

Have children create a canvas with their name written in tape. Remove tape when project is complete.