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Love the Doctors. So funny.

Doctor Who :(

Thanks, Jack.

oh Doctor Who

This gif.

A TED Talk AND John inner nerd senses are all tingly!! | John Green: The nerd's guide to learning everything online

This is 100% accurate -- Fear The Walking Dead & Season 6 of The Walking Dead

41 "Peep Show" Quotes To Live By. Mark is accurate.

Captain Jack Harkness everyone

only captain jack harkness

the walking dead

Freckles, stubble, and the lower lip of doom. David Tennant.

Just... Awesome.

pp: Best show there ever was or will be for me (feck yeah!)

DIY Jumbo Jenga - Home made Christmas gift idea

The end of the movie will have you fantasizing about alternate endings that don’t make you so sad, but then you will regrettably understand that there was no other way. | 14 Reasons You Shouldn’t See “The Fault In Our Stars”

Now this is Cosplay...

Epic Daria Cosplay

... Oh. ;-;

That last part of the paragraph really got to me. "A friend would have been in there with her." It really makes you think. River didn't want a friend. She wanted her parents.