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For the person who has everything~ HOLY SHIZNIT. Magic Wand Remote control

Harry Potter fans can now control any TV with the flick of the wrist with this magic wand TV remote control. This magic wand TV remote control has 13 different gestures.

Drumbrella by Dong Min Park - When rain hits an area on the umbrella, the stretched wax cloth creates a sound, just like it would on a regular drum.

Rain Drum - Rain drum is an innovative umbrella that features various kinds of sound, making the most interesting amusement for user during rainy days. The Rain Drum umbrella is an idea of the designer Dong Min Park.

This digital pen converts what you write into texts and emails. | 18 Products That Will Vastly Improve Your Relationship

18 Products That Will Vastly Improve Your Relationship

D:Scribe is a digital fountain pen that allows users to send SMS and email messages from paper. Just write out the message and circle the person’s name to send. The pen also records everything you write which can be accessed on a computer.

The Driver's Texting Disabler (great for teeagers and some adults) this will come in handy when my kiddo's start driving

The Driver's Texting This is the system that prevents drivers from texting, accessing email, and web browsing on a smartphone while the car is moving. A palm-sized transmitter plugs into a car's OBD-II port under the dashboard and connects via

This is pretty much a hoot of a jump drive. I have seen tons, like hamburger jump drives, Lego jump drives, but this thumb is pretty much tops on my book.

USB Thumb Drive

This is pretty much as weird as it gets in a jump drive.really, do I want someone's amputated finger protruding from my computer?


Weird pictures of funny and cute piggy banks to save money. Most bizarre coin banks and cute money boxes to keep your savings.

Cordless Pocket iPhone and USB Charger

11 everyday items that can save your life when you're traveling

Technology - Pocket-sized battery that charges an iPhone or any USB device. Eliminating the need to carry multiple chargers and power cords, the battery provides 25 hours of talk time for iPhones and Android smartphones, and 4 hours of use for an iPad.

The iPhone Cordless Handset - Hammacher Schlemmer - Wish they had this for Android

The iPhone Cordless Handset - Hammacher Schlemmer. Love the versatility of this since I can control my phone from the handset and still have it charging if I need to walk away from it! Great for home office that uses their cellphone for business line!

Pen scans any color then allows you to draw using that color.

27 Cool Gadgets And Unique Inventions

A real life Eyedropper tool! This is awesome. A pen with a little censor that scans the color of the object you point it at, then you can write in ink that exact color, it's like the eyedropper tool in photoshop outside of the computer.

Wow! Follow these tips to travel like a VIP! Say goodbye to stressful trips... #spon #lifehacks

10 Airport Hacks to Remember Before Your Next Flight

We present to you, a USB charger in an Altoid tin. This MintyBoost USB Charger Kit comes from the brilliant minds at Maker Shed.

Recorder is this magic pen that converts your written notes into electronic files and then transfers it to your phone and computer via Bluetooth

Recorder is this magic pen converts your written notes into electronic files and transfers them to your phone and computer via Bluetooth.


Might have to buy apple products just for this! One ring to to rule them all. One ring to bind them.One iRing to control all your Apple media devices. Now that's cool!

Do want. Skeleton Key USB Drives

how lovely and elegant! White key usb drive i want these!

i need this asap

iShower, Water Resistant Speaker-perfect for my shower concerts! putting this on my Christmas list!

catches rain water for you to use in the squirt gun that's attached to the handle...

umbrella catches rain water for you to use in the squirt gun water pistol water gun that's attached to the umbrella handle. ridiculous yet genius.