A boy and girl playing Doctor and Nurse using a doll as a patient. ~ Photo by H. Armstrong Roberts



Nurse Consoling Young Girl and Her Doll Photographic Print

Wartime toys were extremely popular during World War II. Here, Patsy Ann McHugh, as nurse, bandages the hand of “wounded aviator” Bobby O’Connor with her nursing kit in New York.


Vintage photo of a little girl on crutches with her Madame Alexander "Marybel" doll who came with crutches and hospital gear, 1950.

Girl on Sidewalk in Front of House Reaching Into Baby Carriage For Doll Photographic Print by H. Armstrong Roberts at Art.com

Reading to their dolls, by Philip Gendreau


.baby doll love


Girl with celluloid Inge doll~♛


Vintage Rose Album

Girls & their dolls

Vintage photo of a little girl surrounded by dolls.

little girl playing with her dolls

Girl And Doll.

Girls with dolls

Nurses at Children's Hospital Tending Young Polio Patients Contained in Iron Lung Room. Oh my goodness.