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Pink Jasmine. It's all over the place around here. I love how it cascades over the tops of the fences. I have several of them planted along our front fence. I think it'll be awhile before they are anywhere near this magnificent. ;)

Star Jasmine | Picture Plants

Here is another feature of the Garden Gate shown in the photo before this.However,this is an exteriorl view of the fence.

I have a half wine barrel planter that's been sitting in the garage for almost two years now. I need to come up with something to plant in it!

verdant planter

Branch structure corrective pruning for potted maple

trellis- I want this. I have the perfect spot for it to hid the ugly neighbors fence

I like these narrow planter boxes. http://www.kiwicreativeinc.com/


Invisible Trellis Vines appear to defy gravity, let your wall show through. Eyehooks screwed into siding or walls and networks of medium-gauge wire hold delicate vines. (Heavier climbers, such as roses, will need heavy-gauge wire.) Design a grid by placing eyehooks 12 to 16 inches apart and running wire through them. Or you can follow one of our designs, placing eyehooks at intersections. Support wires across a large expanse with hooks every 2 feet. To install

Mountain View Contemporary - Contemporary - Landscape - San Francisco - Skyline design studio

hostas, geraniums, ivy

Fence landscaping

Common jasmine is a vine that can also be used as a ground cover, producing white flowers. *Sun/Part Sun *Can climb up to 35 feet *Very Fragrant *Edible

poppies we had a lovely poppy bed in Bexley OH that had been planted in the 1940s and left to propogate throughout the side yard...gorgeous and there were peonies in the front side yard

large pots

One pot, home grown herbs

Pleaching or plashing was common in gardens from the late Middle Ages until the 18th century. This technique is a weaving of the branches of deciduous trees or shrubs to form a living fence. Sometimes branches grow together, a natural grafting known as inosculation.

*Garden trellis on the side of a house or garage - http://gardeningforyou.info/garden-trellis-on-the-side-of-a-house-or-garage/ #gardening #flowers

If you have a dry birdbath or fountain, use it to display cascading, rosette and clump-forming succulents. Moreover, birdbaths, because they are basically a pan atop a pedestal, can be used for miniature landscapes. Consider it a bonus if a leak ruined your fountain or birdbath -- it means water will drain.