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Chameleon Eye by redzazel, via Flickr

Tokay Gecko...I used to have one of these. Mike won't let me get another :(

The Tokay Gecko, Gekko Gecko, is a nocturnal Arboreal Gecko, ranging from northeast India, to Nepal and Bangladesh, throughout Southeast Asia.

Tokay gecko. These are small and bark like a dog. They are quite vicious! Even while you put food and water in their tank they rush at you and can almost chomp your finger off. Not a friendly "pet"

Gecko adhesion - I must have a little "Spiderwoman or Geckowoman" in me; there have been days I wish I had this super power :)

Gecko. Yeah Baby. Love the lizardie type of creature!!

“Microscopy” a series of close-up photos of insects by Igor Siwanowicz. Eyes of a Harvestman a.k.a. Daddy Longlegs.

Amazing shot by Houston photographer Tracy Manford.

The eye don't lie?! The smooth green snake (Opheodrys vernalis) is a nonvenomous North American colubrid. It is also referred to as the grass snake. (6/2/2013) Reptiles: Snakes (CTS)