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    Oh Nialler

    you can't turn because there's only One Direction ;]

    This almost me me cry, but it's so true. These people give them hate, and they don't know what to do with it, so they try and change to make things better, but it's turning out bad. These people REALLY need to stop because they are turning into different people. So to people reading this, if you do give them hate, please for all of us, and One Direction, stop.

    * laughing until it turns into awkward crying*

    I know a guy who looks like little Liam!! I am going to be really nice to him and hope he turns out cute!!


    I love when people unexpectedly like One Direction ♥

    The original photo

    The boys hiding their faces today at rehearsals

    HOLY HOW??

    3 years ago this happened. #heytheredelilah. So proud of my boy!

    To help any of y'all memories the words (:

    I LOVE Lou. I really think me and her could be best friends. We would just be making fun of the idiots that are one direction all day long, whilst producing god like hair styes.

    "Miss yesterday, proud of today," Whoever did this wanted to destroy feelings, are you hearing this? Yes, this is my cry. #OneDirection #1D #Feels

    One direction at their finest

    HHAHAHHHA but really we should.



    Me when I'm in a bad mood. OI yell and tell people not to punch me or I will punch u in the face! ^_^

    Hahah i'm dying