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Books for Kids - Lakes and Ponds

Frogs in Monet's Pond-2nd Grade-Art with Mr. Giannetto Blog

5 Green and Speckled Frogs craft - this would be a great visual to have when reading the book during large group.

Apples and ABC's: Adventures in Kindergarten: Life cycle of a frog and ADORABLE frog book!!

Preschooler: Hand print Duck. Give paint to children and show them how to put their hand on the paper. Allow them to put the head, eye, beak and feather on the duck. Standard: Touch, grasp, reach, and manipulate: The child will coordinate the use of his or her hands, fingers and sight in order to manipulate objects in the environment.

5 awesome books about the Frog Life Cycle for kids! Must do this since we have tadpoles in the kiddie pool.

These frog activities will give you lots of ideas to explore art, math, literacy and science with your children this spring.

Under the Sea with Picasso and Me- Turtles and Tints - 2 day project

D is for duck! Duck pond craft. I would make it with 5 ducks per pond and sing the song "Five little ducks". Use velcro and have the ducks swim away (according to the lyrics in the song).

stART projects...stories with a corresponding art project! over 100 different story/art combinations. this is awesome!

Leap frog game... Frogs or Garden Animals Themed Storytime

Frog Sensory Bin from - great for pet themes or pond themes, or just for fun!

Frog Frenzy! This song was a class favorite! We put all of the pieces in a pocket chart and sang the song each morning during Shared Reading.

pond animal kindergarten theme | Water Lilies | Life at the Pond (Preschool Theme)

Five Green and Speckled Frogs Craft Think we'll be doing this when we learn the song!

Frog world - with foam lily pads (",) Great for a water play table to help with sensory play ! :)

Frog themed activities for the Fall... - Pond Bulletin Board

Pond ideas! I especially like the sensory table ideas, animals in eggs idea and the "how many fit on the log" idea!

make your own pond filled with animals - link here is to part 1

Raising Tadpoles with Kids | How to care for frog spawn, tadpoles and froglets in the home!

Pond Sensory Bin by wteresa