Graham Thomas rose

Radiant Perfume

A SPECTACULAR Rose! -- Carole Trese Swanson (12/13/2013) Garden: Flowers & Plants (CTS)

'Graham Thomas' Probably the most outstanding of all the English Roses. Breathtaking, double blooms of a magnificent shade of yellow with a texture that makes the old rose style. Blooms look almost too perfect to be real. mild tea fragrance. A great bush, vigorous, slender, and upright. Graham Thomas' is sure to be one of the great roses of our time. Loves summer heat. Petals 30+, Bloom 4", Repeat Bloom, Zones 5 - 10 Climber 10' Height: 6-7' X 4' Fragrance: Moderately Fragrant

Alcea rosea 'Double Apricot' "Double Apricot Hollyhock"

~~ 'Graham Thomas' ~~

Mint Julep Rose

Graham Thomas English Rose from David Austin Roses

This award-winning floribunda rose bears beautiful 4-inch-wide, strongly fragrant, apricot-yellow blooms that appear in clusters:

Osiria Rose

Sweet Fragrance (zone 4-9)

Dream Come True rose

Soft pink Heritage roses have a sweet lemon smell. More fragrant roses:

Black dragon rose WOW... I want this

Grandma's Blessing (zone 5-9)

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Bright yellow buds spiral open, revealing gorgeous, warm yellow petals blushed rich pink at their edges, and set off by glossy, dark green foliage.