I miss my bestfriend just being there. Your connection with your dog is the closest thing to unconditional love you will ever experience. Losing them is one of the hardest things in the world. I can't take it-I'm losing one of my best friends today and it's something I just can't put into words


What are We Looking at? Best friends from the bottoms of their heart.

This little boy reminds me of my own son at this age- he is 36 yrs old today


Too cute:)))()

best friend

How freaking adorable is this?: Animals, French Bulldogs, Best Friends, Sweet, Puppy, Baby, Kids, Frenchie, Photo


a boy and his best bud

tell me this isn't the cutest

My future boys right here! Too cute!


I posted this in "people" simply because nothing else could cover this. Just so precious. That's real love my friends

So sweet

So cute!!

Best Friends Make You Laugh Like This

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