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What are We Looking at? Best friends from the bottoms of their heart.

This little boy reminds me of my own son at this age- he is 36 yrs old today


Too cute:)))()


How freaking adorable is this?: Animals, French Bulldogs, Best Friends, Sweet, Puppy, Baby, Kids, Frenchie, Photo


I posted this in "people" simply because nothing else could cover this. Just so precious. That's real love my friends


(Puppy Love) Breed: _____ ← {*Ask Tabatha} (Quote/s) Subject: Dogs, Unconditional Love.

So adorable

haha my future son

Melts my heart. Children and animals. Dogs. Black and white. Newborn photography. Newborns. Babies.

puppies :)

Best friends, photo inspiration


Big dog. Small child. Friendship. Guardian.

A child can have no better friend than a dog. My golden retriever was both a friend and a nanny to me when I was a child. He followed me everywhere in the yard and the neighborhood like a babysitter :)