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    • Amber M. Lee

      Memory Jar - Add memories throughout the year and then read them on New Year's Eve. Cute idea for when I have kids!

    • Kim Parker-Regillio

      Memory jar. Add memories throughout the year and then read them together on New Year's Eve. New family tradition for us! I always kick myself for not writing funny things down that the kids say or do! At the end of the year I will type them up and include them with our family photo album for that year.

    • Danielle Spencer

      Such a cute idea! Write down the funny things your kids say and put them in a jar. Sure to bring a smile or two in the future!

    • Stephie Wied

      Memory Jar: Throughout the year, have everyone in the family write down memories that make them smile, and put in a jar. On New Year's Eve, open it up and reread what made the year wonderful! Love this idea!

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