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A brick path leading to Bodie Island Lighthouse at sunrise on the Outer Banks of North Carolina. | Pictures of the Outer Banks

north carolina - Bodie Island lighthouse

this is some coastal lighthouse! Bodie Island Lighthouse, North Carolina. Been here :)

North Carolina Is where I want to live when I live the rest of my Life after I travel a few more years, North Carolina has my heart still there in a cottage in Highlands, on a stream knee deep with a treehouse the Bubbas climbed in and out of allll day long.

The Outer Banks of North Carolina

Outer Banks Seafood Festival - October 20, 2012 (

The Outer Banks... hmm someone pinned a picture that I took from my flickr page.... dont know how I feel about this when my name isn't on it... Kristie Baxter Photography!

Bodie Island Lighthouse (say it like "boddy"): North Carolina. i think this was our first NC lighthouse visited. It doesn't get the attention of the nearby Cape Hatteras lighthouse, but is beautiful in its own right.

Sunset at the outer banks in Duck, North Carolina

Outer Banks, North Carolina