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OMG I do that!!! I really wanna see just a little twitch of a muscle and think HA Gotcha!! Fake!! LOL but so true!

Confession: Often find that I laugh at upcoming punch lines before anyone else (which is awkward....). But I finished the conversation in my mind already. I like to see it as "being on the same page/ train of thought" ..... Uh yeah

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Marriage is a relationship in which one person is always right and the other is the husband.

Do you ever find cash in your pockets? What a great feeling! #money #luck #humor

Here are two things we should all stop doing: 1. Using the euphemism surprise sex, because that is what assholes who think theyre edgy and funny say instead of using the word rape. 2. Making jokes that indicate prison rape is a funny, funny thing -- especially as these jokes appear to be mostly made by people who have never been and likely will never go to prison. Check out Dieting Digest

Its like finding the toy in the cereal box... that little added bonus

That annoying moment when you are texting someone and Auto Correct decides to join the conversation.