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Ok, my kind a humor!!! I can't tell you how embarrassed I get when I compare my kids to dogs :) I recently was asked to bring my kids immunization records... I said, "sure, I'll make sure I bring a copy of their vaccinations." It just slipped... Oops!

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This makes me think of all the times we went tubing on the Chattahoochee River near Helen, GA growing up. LOL

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sharing some wise words on this Thursday morning 🌞☕ don't let doubt stop you from achieving your dreams, always go at it with confidence -- I sometimes say to myself; "fake it till you make it" and it works 👍🏼

If you don't know why this is funny then you are an idiot. Simple irony, it's on the internet, plus he wasn't alive for the Internet being started! Duh! ?;)