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Three Kings Day is the last day of our family's Christmas celebration. The kids wake up to find presents of books under the tree - which I've decorated with candy canes, as a last hurrah before we take it down. We have a nice dinner, highlighted by our Three Kings Cake - a decorative Bundt cake baked with coins and cash (wrapped in foil) inside.

Dressing up for Three Kings Day (6th Jan). Our "end to Christmas" tradition.

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34 Christmas Games & Party Themes-Including Santa's Mustache Christmas Party, Winter Candy-land, We Three Kings, & Winter Wonderland Cocoa Party

Epiphany Eve; Christian Religious Celebration; January 5; Also called Twelfth Night. Traditional end of the Christmas season in many countries. In places where Epiphany, or Three Kings Day, is celebrated, Twelfth Night is a time of merrymaking.

Twelfth Night Cake.....The tradition of this particular recipe comes from the South of France. The Twelfth Night after Christmas is celebrated by many Christians throughout the world as Epiphany Day, which occurs on January 6th. To commemorate this day, a sweet roll is baked in the shape of a crown, recalling the Magi or Three Wise Men (Kings from the East).

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