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    50 Fun things to put in sand and water tables

    This week promises some more moderate weather for families in the Mankato area, and it's a perfect time to get out the sand and water table for your little ones
    • Martinique Webb (Perry)

      Sand and Water Table Ideas

    • Genevieve Woodson

      50 Fun things to put in a sand table, other than sand: sensory, activity, play, kids, children, daycare, fun, explore, science

    • Emily Wedlock

      50 things to put in the sensory table Jennifer melder has tons of awesome ideas for thematic sensory bins on her board. Love the seasonal and color themed bins!!!

    • Leanne Hyde

      Here's 50 fun things to put in your sand and water table or sensory tub. Thinking we need to break back out the sensory table!;) rice dried beans oatmeal (wet or dry) corn meal bubble solution (with lots of props to try making bubbles) cotton balls jello shredded paper dirt hay or straw mud poker chips lids cut up sponges popcorn (popped or unpopped) colored sand ice cubes chestnuts leaves pine needles shells beads and or buttons of all colors and sizes pebbles and stones grass clippings marbles shaving cream Cool Whip leftover short bits of yarn (such as from latch hook kits) hair gel cheap dish detergent or shampoo Cheerios ooblek (corn starch mixed with water) finger paint styrofoam peanuts biodegradable peanuts (put out water too since they melt and stick together when wet!) small toys hidden in other materials flour rock salt flower petals all different kinds of leaves and safety scissors to try cutting them dried corn on the cob (kids LOVE to break the kernels off!) wood shavings plastic bottle caps of all sizes and colors bleeding tissue paper squares (careful, these will stain but they'll lead to great fun and color exploration in the meantime!) fabric scraps balls of different colors of homemade playdough crumpled newspaper bird seed silk from corn on the cob cattails, milkweed pods or other fun natural materials

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