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want it now..

remember who you are Lion King tattoo! Seriously love this. My favorite movie. Considering getting this tattoo, not the lion, but the words. It means a lot to me.


i have always wanted a tinkerbell tattoo.but not the normal colored cartoon kind. this is perfect. If I had a tattoo, this would be it!


Definitely thinking of getting a semicolon tattoo! - Project Semicolon: Tattoos Offer Sense Of Unity And Hope To Those Affected By Mental Health Problems

Makes me think of Kel and how pretty lilies and cali lilies would be in this…

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Lotus Flower: Very simple design, barely any color - this tattoo gets the essence of pencil sketches. This is the style I think I'm looking for. I think this would look cool with text coming out of the stem

One of the best ideas for a 'cover up' name tattoo I've seen....nice!

Nice cover up for when you get someones name tattooed on you

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Great quotes to ponder upon

Never let your fear decide your fate tattoo quote

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Bow and Arrow tattoo on fingers - WHAAAAAAAT. I was thinking about getting an arrow, but a bow on my finger would be cool patterns

Want this so bad!

elephant love gonna be my mother daughter tattoo with my momma :) I always thought elephants with their trunks raised meant they were fighting! Maybe I'm wrong. Still touching Anything&Everything,Body Art,Bo

Piercing names.

The different types of Ear piercings you can get. I actually like this diagram of it compared to others. I have my industrial, Tragus, forward helix, ear lobes, and a helix piercing. I really want a rook!

"A felicidade é como a pluma Que o vento vai levando pelo ar Voa tão leve, mas tem a vida breve Precisa que haja vento sem parar..." Tom Jobim e Vinicius de Moraes.

Free Feather Tattoo Idea but with birds setting free placement underneath boob