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This is the time of year that a patch of green is a welcome site. Check this pin out to find out how to use pine as an herbal remedy.

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Plants That Heal Wounds

Plants That Heal Wounds. Natural Remedies, Healing Herbs

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Rapidly Cure Earaches With Supplies You Have at Home

Natural ear ache remedy

Tincture Recipes: Making Home Remedies - Includes tinctures of Burdock Root, Dandelion, Stinging Nettle

Rose Petal Remedy (Rose Oxymel) - 3 ingredients: roses, honey, apple cider vinegar. Use for congestion & sore throats.

Creative ways for using the marc, spent plant materiel from tinctures, elixers, oils, etc. from Ananda at Plant Journeys.

And Here We Arefrom And Here We Are

Harvesting Pine Pollen- How & Why

Harvesting Pine Pollen

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Playing with Pine Needles

Painting with Pine process art for kids. This activity is also part of a Christmas pine needle theme to go along with the book, The Pine Tree Parable.


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20 pain cures you can find in your kitchen

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How to Make Pine Pitch Salve

Pine salve is a traditional drawing salve, that draws infections, slivers, and inflammation out of the body. It reduces pain and swelling, helping the body heal itself. One way it works is by increasing peripheral circulation by counter irritation. While you could make pure pine salve with just pine oleoresin, beeswax, and oil, this recipe uses infused oils to work synergistically reducing pain and inflammation.

pine trees-Use: The needles can be eaten year-round. The young shoots can be eaten as candy when stripped of the needles, peeled, boiled until tender, and then simmered for 20-30 minutes in a sugary syrup....pine cones-Use: Pine nuts can be eaten raw or baked into a casserole.

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DIY: How To Store & Make Your Own Herbal Remedies

DIY: How To Store and Make Your Own Herbal Remedies ↣✿ | herbology, herbalism, healing plants, herbal medicine