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More like everywhere at school.

you practice your tap routines under your desk at school - this was me. Now I do it under my desk at work, at the elevator, standing in line at the grocery store.

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A dancer's mind compared to a football player's mind. But I still love my football boy

thanks to dance - Bing Images

I plie when I pick things up that are on the ground (need to do this one).

This happens all the time in our office! Lol

You know you're a dancer when: you spot while spinning on a computer chair.

Ya everyone at school thinks I'm like amazing at dance. Good thing they aren't in my dance class :)

Yeah this happened when we did dance at school and I looked like a pro dancer getting into a split lift and stuff, and then I go back to the studio and it's like I've never danced before.

I'm sure everyone at Walmart thinks I'm certifiably insane. (:

Thanks to dance. Then my sister tells me I'm embarrassing well is in the blood girlfriend

Little Dance Things!>>>> I always do this I listen to the song and think where can I do laterals to this>>>>>

And then the sections turn into like 10 eight counts with floats and I realize I could never pull this off in real life