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    ~ Jumping 0ut of Bed like a Ninja

    • Candace Hudson

      We've all done this. Why do we put out hands out and up (like a ninja) when we realize what time it is?? True story!!

    • Sarah Shildneck

      This got my funny bone 'cause it is so true. Karate chop the covers back and leap to your feet. HiiiYa! I'm awake!

    • Ashley G.

      That was me this morning... Oops! Or even worse... when you think you overslept and still jump out of bed like a ninja.

    • Katy Benito

      i just pictured myself jumping out of bed like a ninja. haha that's funny

    • Rebekah VA

      So true! When I realize I over slept, I jump out of bed like a ninja.

    • Nevan Dauderman

      Truth be told, it is more like a ninja in slow motions these days.

    • Fabulous Fab

      hahhahahah i cant stop laughing at this, its so true hahahah

    • Marianne Duncan

      i wish i could jump out of bed like a ninja every morning

    • Julie Alspaugh

      This made me giggle out loud because it is so true!

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