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Architecture: Statues – Frau kniet am Sarg Discovered in Nürnberg, Germany, Friedhof St-Johannisfriedhof (here is also situated the grave of Albrecht Dürer), this cemetery has a history of about 1000 years!

Statue of a winged stag outside a Scottish church

Linlithgow Palace, Scotland photographed May This sculpture of a Peryton (winged deer) is a fountain detail which was built in the centre courtyard during King James V reign during 1513 - Photo by Amy Louise Hooton.

Raffaelo Monti (1818-1881)

’The Veiled Vestal’, Raffaelle Monti, century. Monti had the incredible ability to sculpt figures so accurately that they looked they were wearing thin veils. He was famous for focusing in particular on the vestals — priestesses of Vesta, a Greek goddess.

A selection of Sculptures  by Philip Jackson (Scottish b.1944- )♥♥ Absolutely love these amazing sculpture people!

Philip Jackson - Winner of National Peace Sculpture Competition / Manchester City Council, 1987

Cimitero Monumentale, Milano - 8 by okaitis, via Flickr

Cimitero Monumentale, Milano~~Oh my word! This is stone and look at the details!