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Silk-Reeling Energy for Tai Chi, Bagua, Hsing-I - YouTube

MMA - Innovator - What is defeat Nothing but education; Nothing but the first step to something better. ~ Bruce Lee

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The Ultimate Qi Gong Standing Posture for Health

KUO LIEN YING (1895-1984) - Practicing "Universal Post" standing qigong or Zhan Zhuang. Kuo brought a form of old Yang Style Tai Chi to America when he settled in San Francisco. I contains influences of Bagua and Xingyi and is known as Guangping Tai Chi, named for the home village of Yang Lu Chan. - #TaiChi #Taijiquan

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Fiddle Leaf Fig Ficus

i have this weird idea that a character could have like hair that changes colour dependent on the mood. maybe like this colour scheme idk. /the dank meme babblings/

Chinese martial art Wudang-Tai Chi Chuan 太极拳

Pauline Bao Performs Chen Tai Chi 18 Form.

Tai Chi is good for health, and its motion is beautiful.

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4 choses qui vous rendent belle et que le makeup ne pourra jamais remplacer !

On a tous le droit d'avoir des rêves...

Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan, Snake Creeps Down, Single Whip Lower Posture, Grand Master Tung Hu Ling