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If you go to the U.P. you have to eat a REAL Pastie! Yes, it should have rutabagas and NO GRAVEY!! LoL

The U.P. is the BEST!...*Happy to be a Yooper!

Yooper. I still have my Yooper Accent, and I haven't lived there in 29 years!!! Lol

Yoopers -Upper Peninsula...*We use our right hand (palm up) for the Lower Peninsula and our left hand (palm up and positioned above the right hand) for the Upper Peninsula! Try it!

A Yooper is someone who was born and raised in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Some people want to be Yoopers so they move to the UP. This makes...

Yoopers & Trolls (Upper Peninsula U.P. "yoopers" versus the rest of us living "under the bridge," a.k.a. "trolls.")

Yooper....forever! This was on my Daddy's car . .. . he was a perfect example of a proud Yooper!

Old 510 Bridge in Negaunee Township - Upper Peninsula! My how I love autumn..... (photo courtesy of Once a Yooper, Always a Yooper)

Super cool infographic highlighting facts about Michigan's Upper Peninsula via Detroit Free Press.