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If you go to the U.P. you have to eat a REAL Pastie! Yes, it should have rutabagas and NO GRAVEY!! LoL

The U.P. is the BEST!...*Happy to be a Yooper!

You Know You're From Michigan When... Thats just cool....but we need a Yooper one!

What is a Yooper? Def from Kerri Houck Northern Michigan Girl, Eh.

Yooper. I still have my Yooper Accent, and I haven't lived there in 29 years!!! Lol

A Yooper is someone who was born and raised in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Some people want to be Yoopers so they move to the UP. This makes...

If you know what this means you're from Michigan!

Yooper ~ this was a Jeopardy question in March 2014

Yoopers -Upper Peninsula...*We use our right hand (palm up) for the Lower Peninsula and our left hand (palm up and positioned above the right hand) for the Upper Peninsula! Try it!

Only in the UP... (you can't miss deer season no matter how many DUIs you have)

A good portion of my heart lies in the Keweenaw Peninsula. The U.P. is amazing