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Standing guard, yet again.... but we love him for it! <3 R.I.P. Seal Kyle Thank you for your service & protection

American Patriots? More shit--bibles and guns. They really seem to think their Jebus would approve this concept.

An actor dies from a drug overdose - all over the news. A soldier dies protecting our freedom - not even mentioned. #RememberTheFallen

Mail Onlinefrom Mail Online

'Daddy will always love you': Soldier's heartbreaking goodbye letter to his baby daughter from beyond the grave after he dies in Afghanistan

just cried my eyes out. everyone should understand what our troops give up to protect us, people they dont even know. always support and thank the men and woman who make this country safe.

HowStuffWorksfrom HowStuffWorks

How the U.S. Marines Work


Tribute to true Heroes Honoring Army SGT Mike Ingram who selflessly sacrificed his life for our great Country in Afghanistan 4-17-10. Please help me honor him so that he is not forgotten.....

Honoring our Military Men and Women God Bless our Military Men and Women. Now hiring , plenty of Legitimate high paying jobs

Man has suppositions which have been filtered through a lens prepared by the evil one. Modern warfare has long ceased being about defense of home and family. All modern wars are fabrications for evil purposes. God Desires that we stop killing each other, we are all brothers and sisters. God is no respecter of persons as all of the people of the world are His Children.

National Armed Forces Day to pay tribute to those in the Army, Navy, Marine Corps, U.S. Coast Guard & Air Force. Thank you all for your service! #GotMyHappy