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    Don't have a paper? Use the pen and sprayer. Spray on hand, write note, peel off.


    Kitty candle - this is amazing!

    WOAH :O

    Who came up with this? Amazing!


    Whattttt Air Umbrella. No plastic canopy. Just an air curtain to keep u dry.

    It writes the notes you sing!

    Developed for military use, this is the beach mat that is impossible to cover with cool! $59.95.

    Office and desk supplies don't have to be boring! Check out these pretty pens over at

    Textiles, textures, fabric, Blankets

    This is awesome!

    Sound wave bracelets. You record saying something, send it to the company, and they make a bracelet, representing the sound wave of it.

    Need it. It re-seals bags, people. It RE-SEALS THEM!!

    Scanmarker – note taking made insanely easy: simply brush the pen scanner over any printed text, and input into your computer at the speed you scan it.


    Leatherdos: Every Tool a Girl Needs That She Can Wear on Her Hair

    Chameleon Bandage. I want this to be real.

    Seriously.. It's a camera.. AND a stamp!