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  • McKenna Gaudette

    Quite a few people have shared with me a similar tip about this soap -- that it works for poison ivy and poison oak.Frederick says:I bathe in it after

  • Kristin Smith

    Appalachian Mountain Club's Equipped: How to Recognize and Avoid Poison Ivy: Three Sayings to Remember

  • Cheryl Reynolds

    DIY Organic Poison Ivy Killer | eHow

  • Laura Davis

    Natural Ways to Kill Poison Ivy | eHow

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Very true. The 'curse' of the compassionate.

For my presentation today, Ill be reading the powerpoint slides word for word. media-cache9.pint... kylarodriguez hilarious

Can't tell you how many times I've done this! It's the best place to cry! Water is already running down your face!

I hate being cold!!!!! and anything under 70f is COLD!!!

hot summer nights, to hot to sleep, no breeze, Crickets sooo Loud!

actually makes me laugh inside because I think "You're so dumb, you forgot you told me the truth last week. Be honest dumbass. You lie so much, you forgot who you told the truth to!"

hate over thinking things! just do it!

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