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This is my snowy owl, Elsa. She's my spirit animal, she comes when I'm very emotional. she also connected to my ice powers.

Snowy owl looking upwards by Tambako the Jaguar, via Flickr

.such eyes! We had one like this in the tree in our backyard, watching our indoor cats !

Snowy Owl and Rising Moon at Damon Point in Washington State

snowy owl in a field of tiny daisies

shared via - #beautiful #owl - imagine how it would look in the snow!

Alert Snowy Owl at Damon Point State Park in Washington State by Lee Rentz by Lee Rentz**

Snowy owl - that drowsy point between sleep and awake.

Snow Owl (30112-0184) by Earl Reinink, via Flickr

Snowy Owl. In January 2014 in northwest Illinois where I live, I saw a snow owl perched atop a pole like this. They are beautiful birds!