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I want one so bad

Picture of the Day: 'One Happy Fox'. In this fantastic capture by Roeselien Raimond, we see a gorgeous fox in what appears to be a moment of bliss.

so beautiful.

* * " Me doesn'ts knowz any 'Bambi' creature atz allz. Me be a fawn. Pleez leaves me here in meez forest home. Me be waitin' fer me mom to returns.

Polar bear, along with the Kodiak bear, is one of the largest of the Ursidae species. If climate change continues to get worse, we will see this species become extinct from the wild

By two-thirds of the world’s polar bears will have vanished, as a result of global warming melting their icy habitat, according to scientists at the U.

15 Finalistas del concurso de National Geographic a Fotógrafo de la naturaleza 2016

beautiful-wildlife: “ Bathing in Snow Flakes by © Hiroki Inoue ” Beautiful !

¡Y tiene todo para lograrlo!

Esta zorrita sueña con ocupar el lugar de los gatitos en Internet

landscape-photo-graphy: “ Young Photographer Highlights a Playful Fox Named Freya Poland based young artist Iza Lyson has captured the exotic beauty of a fox in her latest series of.

Momentos Extraordinarios De La Vida Salvaje

50 Maravillosas imágenes que capturan momentos extraordinarios de la vida salvaje

sixpenceee: “Two Foxes Sparring in AlaskaCredit to the photographer, Robert Dreeszen, who took this photo along the Ugashik River in the Alaska Peninsula.

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The least raccoon:-Who are all these creatures? The biggest raccoon:- These are monsters. There name is PEOPLE. The less raccoon:- Why? The biggest raccoon:- Shut up, Harry!