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How to make a spiral plant support

Create a spiral support for climbing plants such as ivy, with the help of this economical, easy project from the experts at BBC Gardeners' World Magazine.

Nice timeline to guide gardeners on what to plant and when it feeds bees. Best single choice: catmint!

HTBEE, Bee Friendly Tea Towel This stunning tea towel is a guide to bee friendly plants for each season, helping you plant flowers to encourage bees and other pollinating insects to your garden. Designed, made and printed in the UK.

inexpensive portable planters for veges from "Your Small Kitchen Garden"

Flexible Plastic Containers in my Small Kitchen Garden. Saw these at Walmart for under 6 bucks try the Dollar store, too.

DIY Terrarium

DIY-Home-Decor: DIY Terrarium. I am so doing this for my back patio. Bring your garden indoors

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Instant Planting Grid: Attach short pieces of hose/plastic tubing to metal rake, counting tines so that hoses are spaced equally. Dragging rake across prepared soil, creates instant planting grid/row markers.

Gardening Tips for beginners- 7 pages to read! Don't waste more time and $ on failures! Post now, read later.

Gardening Tips for Beginners

From GRIT magazine -- Gardening Tips for Beginners (lots of great info for seasoned gardeners, too!

This app tells you when to plant what depending on where you live: The Garden Planting Calendar (All Things Plants)

The Garden Planting Calendar (All Things Plants) - Enter your zip code and get customized planting calendar for your area. This is the easiest planting guide I have seen!

15 Really Dumb Gardening Mistakes | Overfertilizing | SouthernLiving.com

Home Gardening Tips

TIPS - 15 Really Dumb Gardening Mistakes Take note of how to save your plants from the common blunders we all make.