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baby with snowflakes

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Newborn pictures for winter baby could be with leaves & brown blanket for fall

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baby pic idea - too cute!

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newborn with washclothes

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Cute Idea for an Autumn or Winter Baby-- Autumn have colorful leaves instead of pinecones Sleep baby bear - Featured on Explore! by Jill Serrano Photography, via Flickr

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Newborn photo by Cream n' Cocoa photography

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beautiful baby photo

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Newborn photo - Christmas. Love the lights from the tree! So cute that I had to pin for all my friends with little Christmas "gifts" on the way :)

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Newborn photography # love Maybe same idea but spell out a name

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Creative Newborn Photography | Be creative, newborn photography can very artistic.

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mommy & daddy holding baby

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I really want to do this with Baby Grace! (especially since I have the rings on Jake's feet from his newborn shoot)

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Now THIS is how newborn photography SHOULD look!

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I need someone to make me this bed or I'll have to make it on my own. LOVE IT!!

Clickin Momsfrom Clickin Moms

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how to | get the most out of a pose with a newborn.