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    • Krystle Greer Culligan

      Kiss me in the rain. The Notebook. I have this pinned but w/o the quote...

    • Breezy Wetz

      Kiss in the rain<3 Number one thing on my bucket list. #TheNotebook

    • Kristin Powell

      The Notebook- one of my favorite movies! Not to mention my favorite actor and actress :)

    • Ashley Mowatt

      Kiss Me In The Rain <3 the most romantic thing i can think of...someday i'll share that with someone Best movie ever!

    • Danielle Mc

      who dosen't what a kiss in the rain

    • Mikaila Roncevich

      kissing in the rain. bucket list The notebook <33

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    you have to watch every second of this. Marry your best friend. oh my gosh this is the cutest thing ever...also a very well made video this is so perfect

    Bridesmaids in the groomsmen's jackets, this is so cute :)

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