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Pretty much EXACT tattoo I want for my next one . . . but I'm still too much of a wussy to do the rib thing cus it's gonna hurt like bizalls!!!!!

This is my cherry blossom branch tattoo that I got today. Over the summer I became very ill out of nowhere and have mostly been unable to leave the house for 3 months now apart from to do small things. The pain from getting the tattoo took my mind off other pain I feel. There have been times when I have thought I will never get better, and that could still be a possibility due to the nature of what is wrong with me. The cherry blossom symbolises the fragility of life, and if/when I get better,

I'm really not a fan of roses in general but I LOVE the coloring similar to my first tattoo

This is my first tattoo, done in early 2009. It’s a play on words, that I literally wear my heart on my sleeve. You can’t really see them anymore (thankfully), but the tattoo is covering old self-injury scars. I designed the original, but my tattoo artist, Derek, created this for me based on my picture. I had a wonderful experience. Done at 5-7-0 Tattoo in Wilkes-Barre, PA.

"One of my tattoos :) This is the one I like the most."

Normally not a huge fan of color on tattoos but I like this one a lot.

khealywu: critink: inspired—motivated: yesiamcold: cthuloops: Daemon Rowanchilde This is beautiful. Such a nice deep red! great composition too! NO BUT REALLY. WOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOW. WOW.

Final tattoo session for this poppies composition ! (two poppies are already healed, the upper ones are freshly inked) I design, draw and ink these tattoos, please respect the author AND the tattooed one, don’t copy.