Oh I'm sorry... did the middle of my sentence interrupt the beginning yours?

Specific vs. Pacific



I know a lot of people who could use this. *sigh*

I absolutely love these little ecard things that were so popular for a little while.

Oh my. I can't stop laughing.

Love Someecards...

I know it's never your fault.

Funny Encouragement Ecard: We all think it's time you put Sensitive Susie back in the box and learn to laugh at yourself like the rest of us do.


YES exactly... or just send me a text!



Ecards-- hahaha!


It’s gotten to the point where I can't even call what I'm doing “procrastinating” anymore, I should just be calling it “jeopardizing my future”.

You call them "cuss words" well...I choose to call them "sentence enhancers"

Funny Reminders Ecard: I'm not really a bitch all the time. You just don't like when I call you out on your bullshit. All the time.