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I sure hope so.

A sore body today = strong body tomorrow. Love the skinny strong!

Exercise to be fit - not to be skinny.

Eat Clean. Train Dirty.

Diet pills do NOT work. HCG whatever does NOT work. HGH spray does NOT work. THIS does work! Simply the best weight loss program there is.

@Carrie Hardin   Ok, I guess I didn't pin it so had to search for the pic.  127 vs. 136....what the scale says doesn't always matter :)

A reminder that a lower weight is not the goal! Muscle weighs more than fat and LOOKS 10 times better. This is why we shouldn’t obsess if our weight stays the same for a bit when we are training hard. Now to start training hard. or just training :)

How I feel after some of my workouts!!

Shock by Jill Greenberg. © Jill Greenberg - "End Times" Series

Or whether it's 1 inch or 10 inches.  Take your measurements!  They are a much better way to gauge your progress.

so true! Fitness doesn't need to focus on weight at all. You define progress. Your progress may be a faster mile, one more push-up, longer plank, etc. Set goals then go achieve!

HA. Seriously this one is for all the ppl out there that give me dirty looks for being tall and thin. Move your A$$ to the gym already and WORK IT!

Maintain good posture to start losing stomach fat.Suck your tummy in, put your shoulder back, keep your head up, and with this posture you will look and feel much more fit. You will be toning your ab muscles which will help you lose stomach fat faster.


When You Finish A Great Workout You Feel Great About Yourself ~ Health Quote