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  • Maree Koolstra

    Canning chocolate!! Homemade chocolate sauce recipe for canning, because when the Apocalypse happens you are going to want my chocolate.

  • Charlotte Piper

    My little cottage in the making: SAFELY CANNING CHOCOLATE SAUCE ~ YES YOU CAN! #Canning #Recipes #Chocolate

  • Joellen McAlister

    Lots of canning recipes.... Homemade chocolate sauce recipe for canning

  • Larissa B

    Homemade chocolate sauce recipe - I had some concerns about the acidity, so I froze it rather than water bath canning. It is a delicious, rich chocolate syrup. I will make it again.

  • Alisa Felske-Baker

    Canning Homemade!: Jane shares a Homemade chocolate sauce recipe

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