I see this everywhere.. Don't grow up?? What does growing up mean to you? The body grows up you kinda have to dress or change no matter. The heart can stay young forever though. And the mind can entertain like a child. But to grow up is to be responsible for more then self.. I grew up before my time. Ill let my kids be kids for as long as they need. But I think we all have to grow up..:/

HAHAHAH! I lolled.

I can't stop laughing!

Haha So true stupid people kill people taking guns away is against our 2nd amendment rights makes no sense then only thugs n bad people will have guns that's smart ((not)) wow it will not happen sorry

My dad has a door mat that says the same thing!

How gentlemen died out

i should have not laughed so hard lol

So much for that theory... :-) For more funny pics visit www.bestfunnyjokes4u.com...funny thing is I've been saying this for a few years...artist was reading my mind!!!

How to take a hipster photo.

Best Chinese fire-drill ever. Awesome. << pardon the language, but that is epic!>>


good thing fridges have lights

lol. true that.

Upgraded from Boyfriend 5.0 to Husband 1.0

Lol so true

Standing Ovation in 3,2,1...

Tourist vs. Art Graduate vs. Asian: Picture, Art Student, Giggle, Art Graduate, Funny Stuff, So True, So Funny, Asian