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If Barbie were real this is how she would look.... Not so hott now huh?

If Barbie were a real women she would be tall, a bust, a waist, hips & a size 3 shoe. Barbie calls this a “full figure” & likes her weight at 110 lbs. Barbie would have a BMI of fit the weight criteria for anorexia

You just sang that in your head, didn't you?

Dori Just Keep Swimming Cheer bow white with glitter details

haha! and most likely true, i laugh every time i see this:)

Treadmill is a popular exercise equipment that helps in building endurance and enhances the fitness level of a person. If you've decided to start exercising and decided that using a treadmill is the best way

this is hilarious

Ok I don't run, partially because my back can't handle it but partially because I feel like the bottom picture.this made me laugh so hard!


I think this is true about any dance exercise program. I don't do Zumba, but this describes me when I do my dance exercises.

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Funny pictures about Zumba. Oh, and cool pics about Zumba. Also, Zumba.

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Learn how to do a proper squat — a staple of any effective workout routine — and build the fitness to do 100 in a single day. Here’s your daily squat schedule: