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Helen Taft’s Embroidered Chinese Robe Helen Taft’s green satin Manchu-style coat is embroidered with spring and summer symbols of goldfish and lotus flowers, but is lined with fleece. The fur trim is not typical of the Chinese style and was probably added as a custom order.

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Antique Chinese Silk Embroidered Court Robe from 19th Century


1940's Chinese Embroidered Satin Jacket

Vintage embroidered jacket originates from China and dates to the 1930's through 1940's. It is made of black satin with allover embroidery. It has center front frog closures, 3/4-length sleeves, and a back vent. Fully lined.

SECRETS OF SILK ROAD_SILK ROBE WITH PAINTED MOTIFS 3rd-4th century. When found this fine silk robe was in pieces, but it has been put together so that it is almost whole. The lapel closes on the left side (opposite from the Chinese way). The robe is made of white silk. The hand-painted detail of the standing Buddha on the lotus surrounded by many flowers and plants and garlands was added after it was sewn together.

19th century,Chinese The Manchu peoples did not subscribe to the custom of footbinding practiced widely throughout China. Manchu footwear, for both men and women, had its own peculiarities, however. Although the foot itself was not reshaped, the soles were elevated on platforms two to four inches high. Womens shoes, like this one, were more elaborately decorated than mens, with bright embroidery on colored silk. The hooflike shape of the pedestal serves to stabilize the wearer.

Robe of the Chinese imperial court