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Knock on wood, since i've lived at the beach I haven't been pooped on yet. It's coming though I know it!!!

Dropping the Science: Why You Gotta Be Like That, Toady?

Cute story: One time I said to my Uncle, "You can't tell me what to do!" As I was about to take a bite of my pizza, he said, "Oh yeah? Take a bite of your Pizza." I put my pizza down, and took a bite out of his Pizza

Oh man! His face is hilarious, it's like he doesn't even care that millions of people will see this #foreveralone

Pictures That Will Make You Laugh 10 -

That moment when you realize someone was dumb enough to make these signs necessary.

Funny Pictures Of The Day – 77 Pics OMFG I WOULD SOOOOO DO THAT IF I WON THE LOTTO! That's how I'd roll lol

I Just Don't Get Them

Morgan Freeman was once young… How efffffin cool was The Electric Company? Cool.

Just laughed out loud so hard.