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Francis Walsingham, principal secretary to Elizabeth I, mostly known as her spymaster. Potrait c. 1585, attributed to John de Critz. Walsingham died April 1690.

Queen Elizabeth I. seated between William Cecil, 1st Baron Burghley, her 'Spirit', and Sir Francis Walsingham, her 'Moor'.

William Cecil, Lord Burghley, Elizabeth I's chief councillor and friend by lisby1, via Flickr

c. 1585, Sir William Cecil, Baron Burghley, Elizabeth I's chief advisor for much of her reign

NOT "Glove of Elizabeth I" Wishful thinking. This is contemporary art by Rozanne Hawksley. www.rozannehawksl...

Portrait of William Cecil, Lord Burghley, Elizabeth I's chief Councillor and friend, who was one of the most powerful and successful political figures of the Tudor period.

My favorite Queen of them all was Queen Elizabeth 1 - The later years of Elizabeth's reign are sometimes referred to as a Golden Age.

Elizabeth the first. Tudor queen of England and Ireland, nicknamed 'Gloriana' and the 'Virgin Queen' who overcame many challenges and threats at home and from abroad to preside over a perceived 'golden age' in English history.

Princess Elizabeth’s, later Queen Elizabeth I, letter to her sister Queen Mary I. Written just before she was taken to the Tower.

Queen Elizabeth I, c.1560, oil on panel, artist unknown. National Portrait Gallery, London.

2011: At grandson's Prince William Wedding to Kate Middleton. Queen Elizabeth II (Elizabeth Alexandra Mary) (1926-living2013) UK & husband Prince Phillip Duke of Edinburgh (Philip Mountbatten-born Prince Philip) (1921-living2013) Greece by unknown artist.