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“The Lip of a Sensualist”: John Dudley’s Uncertain Portraits

John Dudley at Penshurst, with wand of office

21 May 1553 -- Lady Jane Grey married Guilford Dudley. A triple wedding took place at Durham Place, the London home of the Dudley family: Guildford Dudley, son of John Dudley, Duke of Northumberland, married Lady Jane Grey, daughter of Henry Grey, Duke of Suffolk, and Frances Brandon. Katherine Dudley, the 12 year-old sister of Guildford, married Lord Henry Herbert, son of the Earl of Pembroke. Lady Katherine Grey, sister of Jane, married Lord Henry Hastings.

Lord Guildford Dudley, whose arranged marriage with Lady Jane Grey meant his downfall. They were placed on the throne (due to Jane being in the line of succession) in order to prevent the Catholic Mary I from being crowned. After reigning for 9 days, he and Jane lost their heads at Tower of London. He was only 19.

Lord Guildford Dudley, husband of Lady Jane Grey, who occupied the English throne for nine days. Executed for treason during the reign of Mary I. Guilford was the brother of Robert Dudley, favorite of Elizabeth I.

All Things Robert Dudleyfrom All Things Robert Dudley

‟Loving of my Husband“: Jane and Guildford Dudley

Lady Jane Grey's prayerbook with her last lines to her father; she signed herself "Jane Duddley". Article by Christine Hartweg on Jane and Guildford Dudley,"Loving of My Husband" on All Things Robert Dudley:

John Dudley, 1st Duke of Northumberland, KG (1504[1] – 22 August 1553) was an English general, admiral, and politician, who led the government of the young King Edward VI from 1550 until 1553, and unsuccessfully tried to install Lady Jane Grey on the English throne after the King's death. Married his son Guildford to Jane Grey. John was also the father of Elizabeth I.'s favorite, Robert Dudley.

All Things Robert Dudleyfrom All Things Robert Dudley

King Guildford?

Part of Guildford Dudley's farewell message to his father-in-law, at the bottom of Lady Jane Grey's prayer book. Article: "King Guildford?" by Christine Hartweg on the All Things Robert Dudley blog: Educationfrom Education

John Dudley, 1st Duke of Northumberland

John Dudley, Ist Duke of Northumberland (1504-1553). Father of Guilford Dudley and Robert Dudley. Guilford and John are executed after the plot to put Jane Grey on the throne. Robert is reinstated by Mary I after fighting in forces led by Philip II, and he goes on to be Elizabeth I's favourite.

Jane Grey - The teenage nine-days queen. In order to insure a Protestant succession, John Dudley, Duke of Northumberland, married his son Guildford to Jane. She was declared Queen after Edward's death, but was deposed by Mary. Content to imprison her and her husband, Mary had Jane, Guildford and John executed after the Wyatt Rebellion. Robert Dudley, Elizabeth I's lifelong love was Guildford's brother. His connection to this treasonous family might have been one reason she never married…

Mary Fitzalan, Duchess of Norfolk, daughter of Lady Jane Gray's Aunt Catherine Grey, 1st cousin of Lady Jane Gray