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    -John Dudley, Duke of Northumberland

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    • YouniquelyPam

      John Dudley, Duke of Northumberland. Father of Guildford Dudley, who he arranged to marry Jane Grey. He was a plotter to prevent Mary I from taking the throne, but his scheme to place Jane and Guildford as monarchs ended in him losing his life, as well as the lives of his son Dudley and daughter-in-law Jane.

    • Diana Butcher

      John Dudley - Duke of Northumberland - For a very short time the father-in-law of Lady Jane Grey, the nine-days Queen of England. He was executed when Mary took the throne. His son Guilford married Jane and his second son Robert was the beloved favorite of Queen Elizabeth I.

    • Wendy Fortune

      John Dudley 1st Duke of Northumberland (1504-1553) Convicted of treason and executed August 22, 1553

    • Laura Fox

      JOHN DUDLEY, DUKE OF NORTHUMBERLAND, Father of Robert, Ambrose, Guildford, etc. Schemed to put Lady Jane Grey on the throne and was executed for attempting to prevent Mary I's accession

    • Bron Larner

      John Dudley, Ist Baron of Northumberland, was executed in 1533. Inventories are fascinating things.

    • Natalie Steffy

      John Dudley, Ist Duke of Northumberland, together with William Pembroke, 1st Earl of Pembroke arranged the political match of their children in a plan to secure the succession of Lady Jane Grey and to graft their lineage onto the throne of England. Guildford Dudley married the Lady Jane Grey and Henry Herbert married the 13 year old Lady Catherine Grey on the 25th of May 1553. For Lady Jane and Guilford the plan ended in their execution along with John Dudley. The Pembokes were pardoned.

    • Rebecca Houck

      John Dudley !st Baron of Northumberland

    • Khandace Collins

      -John Dudley, Duke of Northumberland

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    Tudor portrait, said to be of Lady Jane Grey.

    Jane Parker, Lady Rochford married the brother of Anne Boleyn. She assisted in convicting him having incest with his sister, but it has been debated whether her testimony could be believed. When Henry married the teenage Kathryn Howard, Jane became her lady in waiting and assisted her in seeing her lover, Culpepper. When this was discovered, Jane, Queen Kathryn (barely 17) and Culpepper all were beheaded.

    Lady Jane Grey

    Jane Grey - The teenage nine-days queen. In order to insure a Protestant succession, John Dudley, Duke of Northumberland, married his son Guildford to Jane. She was declared Queen after Edward's death, but was deposed by Mary. Content to imprison her and her husband, Mary had Jane, Guildford and John executed after the Wyatt Rebellion. Robert Dudley, Elizabeth I's lifelong love was Guildford's brother. His connection to this treasonous family might have been one reason she never married him.

    Lady Jane Grey

    Henry Grey, Duke of Suffolk, (1517 1554) Executed for high treason for his part in the failed Wyatt rebellion to put Elizabeth on the throne instead of Mary. His daughter Jane Grey, who had avoided execution for the failed attempt to make her queen, then also had to pay the ultimate price despite having played no part in the Wyatt rebellion.

    Lady Jane Grey

    Miniature of Lady Jane Grey

    Lady Jane Grey

    Mary Queen of Scots, aged 19, in white mourning to mark the loss of three members of her immediate family within a period of 18 months. Her father-in-law Henry II died in July 1559; her mother Mary of Guise died in Scotland in June 1560; and in December of the same year her husband Francis II died. Mary, no longer Queen of France, returned to Scotland in August 1561. Wearing white was the official sign of mourning worn by women of royal blood or high-ranking courtiers.

    Mary Tudor, Queen of England, "Bloody Mary",daughter of Henry VIII and Catherine of Aragon

    Marie de Guise, mother of Mary Stuart, Queen of Scots

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    Henry VIII as a child. I found it in Henry VIII by A.F. Pollard from 1902. At the time it was said to be from a painting in the collection of Sir Edmund and Lady Verney at Rhianva, Anglesey. I wonder where it is now?

    James V, King of Scotland, Son of Margaret Tudor, father of Mary, Queen of Scots, nephew of Henry VIII

    The Portrait of Lady Jane Grey Lady Jane Grey by unknown artist. In the Collection of the Duke of Northumberland, Syon House, Middlesex, UK (This site has a really interesting article on how they have come to the conclusion that this is indeed a portrait of the famous "Nine Days Queen".)

    Queen Anne of Cleves ANNE OF CLEVES (1515-1557), Queen of England, fourth wife of Henry VIII, King of England, daughter of John, Duke of Cleves, and Mary, was born on the 22nd of September 1515. Her father was the leader of the German Protestants, and the princess, after the de

    The "Syon Portrait" thought to be of Lady Jane Grey