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    -Sir Francis Walsingham (c.1530-1590) [Queen Elizabeth's Spymaster]

    Elizabeth I

    A sketch of Elizabeth I

    Queen Elizabeth I

    Elizabeth Vernon (1572-1655) was the Chief Lady-in-Waiting to Queen Elizabeth I. She was Countess of Southampton and wife of Henry Wriothesley.

    Queen Elizabeth I

    BLANCHE PARRY BORN: c. 1508 DIED: 12 FEBRUARY 1590 blanche Monument to Blanche, kneeling alongside Elizbabeth, in St. Faith's, Bacton, Hereford Photograph by John Meek Blanche Parry was Chief Gentlewoman of Elizabeth I's Privy Chamber, and had served her since before she became Queen. She is memorialized at St. Faith's (above) and St. Margaret's Church next to Westminster Abbey.

    18 Oct 1555 Elizabeth allowed to go to Hatfield... Elizabeth finally received permission from her half-sister, Mary I, to leave court and travel to her own estate at Hatfield, rather than return to house arrest in Woodstock Elizabeth had been treated with suspicion by Mary and her council since Wyatt’s Revolt in early 1554.

    19-Jun 1566 James VI/I born... James was the only son of Mary, Queen of Scots, and her second husband, Henry Stuart, Lord Darnley. Both Mary and Darnley were great-grandchildren of Henry VII of England through Margaret Tudor, the older sister of Henry VIII. James was born at Edinburgh Castle, and as the eldest son automatically became Duke of Rothesay and Prince and Great Steward of Scotland. He was baptised "Charles James" on 17 December 1566 in a Catholic ceremony

    Juan de Flandes Queen of Castile and León Reign 26 November 1504 – 12 April 1555 Predecessors Isabella I & Ferdinand V Successor Charles I Co-monarchs Philip I Charles I Queen of Aragon Reign 23 January 1516 – 12 April 1555 Predecessor Ferdinand II Successor Charles I Co-monarch Charles I Spouse Philip I of Castile Issue Eleanor, Charles V Isabella, Ferdinand I Mary, Catherine House of Trastámara Father Ferdinand II of Aragon Mother Isabella I of Castile Born 6 November 1479 Died 12 April 1555

    Catherine or Katherine Howard (née Carey), Countess of Nottingham (c. 1547 – London, 25 February 1603) was a cousin, lady-in-waiting, and close confidante of Elizabeth I of England. She was in attendance on the queen for 45 years

    Christina of Lorraine Reign 3 May 1589 – 17 February 1609 Spouse Ferdinando I, Grand Duke of Tuscany Issue 1Cosimo II, Grand Duke of Tuscany 2Maria Maddalena de' Medici 3Catherine, Governor of Siena 4Carlo de' Medici 5Claudia, Archduchess of Austria House House of Lorraine (by birth) House of Medici (by marriage) Father Charles III, Duke of Lorraine Mother Claude of Valois Born 16 August 1565 Ducal Palace of Nancy, Lorraine Died 19 December 1637 (aged 72)