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Queen Isabella, the "she-wolf" of France (1295-1358). Isabella was the daughter of Philip IV of France & Joan I of Navarre. Isabella married Edward II of England & became Queen Consort. Isabella was praised for her beauty, diplomatic skills & intelligence. Her husband was an ineffectual king who came to be resented by his subjects. Isabella saw an opportunity, & raised an army & deposed her husband. She also managed to end the war with Scotland before her son took the throne as Edward III.

Joan Beaufort (lived 1404 – 15 July 1445) was the Queen Consort of Scotland from 1424 to 1437 as the spouse of King James I of Scotland. Daughter of John Beaufort, 1st Earl of Somerset, and Margaret Holland and half-niece of King Henry IV of England. During part of the minority of her son James II (from 1437 to 1439), she served as the Regent of Scotland. Married second Sir James Stewart, the Black Knight of Lorn in 1439.

Princess Mary Tudor, the youngest surviving daughter of Henry VII and his Queen Elizabeth of York. Mary was born on March 18, 1496, and grew up to be considered one of the most beautiful princesses in Europe. She was exuberant and energetic like her brother Henry. Like him, she loved dancing and parties, and spectacle.

King Edward II (1307 - 1327) , son of Edward I. Born at Caernarfon, created first Prince of Wales in 1301. Incompetent and unduly influenced by his favourite,Gaveston, Edward struggled with discontented barons, who attempted to restrict his power through the Ordinances 1311. His invasion of Scotland in 1314 to suppress revolt resulted in defeat . When he fell under the influence of a new favourite, Hugh le Depenser, he was deposed in 1327 by Isabella and her lover de Mortimer, and…

Catherine Carey (1524 - 1569). Daughter of Mary Boleyn. She may be the daughter of King Henry VIII but she was legally the daughter of William Carey. She married Francis Knollys and had fourteen children.

Isabella of France (1295 – 22 August 1358), sometimes described as the She-wolf of France, was Queen consort of England as the wife of Edward II of England. She was the youngest surviving child and only surviving daughter of Philip IV of France and Joan I of Navarre. Queen Isabella was notable at the time for her beauty, diplomatic skills and intelligence.

Matilda of Flanders (c. 1031 – 2 November 1083) was the wife of William the Conqueror and, as such, Queen consort of the Kingdom of England. She bore William nine children, including two kings, William II and Henry I.

Isabella of Angoulême c.1188 – 31 May 1246) was queen consort of England as the second wife of King John from 1200 until John's death in 1216. She had five children by the king including his heir, later Henry III. In 1220, Isabella married Hugh X of Lusignan, Count of La Marche, by whom she had another nine children.

Lady Frances Brandon (1517 – 1559), second enfant de Charles Brandon, 1er duc de Suffolk, et de Marie d'Angleterre, reine douairière de France. C’était la mère de Lady Jeanne Grey, qui fut brièvement reine d’Angleterre. Son oncle maternel était Henri VIII d’Angleterre, et sa tante maternelle était Marguerite Tudor, reine d’Écosse. Elle était donc sur la ligne de succession au trône d’Angleterre, et ses prétentions étaient soutenues en 1553 par les opposants à l’avènement de Marie Tudor.

STRONG historical woman. Matilda, Lady of the English. Though her father Henry I named Matilda his heir, she ruled for only a few months in 1141. Her cousin Stephen ruled between 1135 and 1141, and again from 1141 to 1154. Matilda successfully secured the throne for her son.

Prince John of Gaunt (1340 - 1399). Son of King Edward III and Queen Philippa. He married three time. First to Blanche of Lancaster and had seven children. Second to Constance of Castile and had two children. Last to Katherine Swynford and had four children.

On this day 8th September the birth of Richard the Lionheart in Oxford 1157. The third surviving chid of Henry II, one of the most astute and formidable of all English kings and the ruler of more of France than the French king himself. Henry was 24 when Richard was born and his mother 35 who was the ravishingly beautiful Eleanor of Aquitaine. Richard was 6ft 5" with red hair and piercing blue eyes, he was an inspiring leader and one of the best generals of his time. He died in 1199

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Mary II (1662-1694), Queen of England, Scotland, and Ireland (1689-1694) in her own right. She was the daughter of King James II & VII of England, Scots, and Ireland and his 1st wife, Anne Hyde. She was Sovereign Princess of Orange (1677-1694) as the wife of Willem III, Sovereign Prince of Orange. Her husband became her co-monarch as King William III & II. She had no children.

Children of Henry VII and Elizabeth of York: Arthur, Prince of Wales. Margaret, Queen of Scotland. Henry, King of England. Mary, Queen of France.

Eleanor of Aquataine - on of the most fascinating women in medieval history. Queen to both the Kings of France and England and mother of 2 of our most notable Kings Richard the Lionheart and King John

Philippa of Hainault (1314 - 1369). Wife of Edward III. Queen from 1328 - 1369. Mother of Edward The Black Prince, and John of Gaunt. Her marriage was supposedly very happy.

Francis II ( François II) (B: Jan. 19,1544 – D: Dec. 5,1560) was aged 15 when he succeeded to the throne of France, after the accidental death of his father, King Henry II, in 1559. He reigned for 18 months before he died in December 1560. He was also King consort of Scotland (1558–1560) as the husband of Queen Mary I.