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The Stages of Change

The Stages of Change

The Stages of Change

The path to wellness is the opposite of disorganization. It is a path of supreme organization. Part of my mind knew that, but I seemed incapable of pulling such a life together. I needed divine intervention. Mine was orchestrated and then delivered by my Higher Self. It was given to me as another chance at living a healthy life.

We hope that this educational infographic helps drive positive outcomes for all people living with Aphasia, and those who support them through advocacy, treatment and education. #aphasia #infographic


Redefining Psychiatric Illness: Hoarding Is In, Asperger's Out

The American Psychiatric Foundation approved major changes to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, or the DSM, this weekend. From the addition of hoarding disorder to the redefining of autism and gender find out how these chan

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Teaching Tricks on

Twitter / TeachingTricks: The socratic questioning process ...

Part Three of Sugar...the Hidden Eating Disorder & How to Lick It Hypnotically introduces you to Imagery, Imaginology & Interactive Self-Hypnosis. You begin to work with your mind & body, including your eating issues inside your "creative mind." Each eBook comes with a separate download mp3. Here you work inside the "workshop of your mind."

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The Emotional Component is a short blog that brings attention to the emotional component of our daily experiences. Through the use of imagery, you can change your perception & your outcomes. Please share...

The mindBody is trained through specific imagery exercises to open areas that are tense, thereby causing pain sensations. Program your mind with mental biofeedback & subconscious mind suggestions for healing.

Managing emotions is KEY to mental health. Interactive Self-Hypnosis gives us tools to work inside our creative "child-mind" where change happens with less effort. Visit my website for free mp3 downloads & experience Self-Hypnosis.

Working hypnotically, we can change our emotional states "in the moment." We do this with Interactive Imagery. Here's an example. eBook Suggestions - Diminishing Negative Emotions, Building Confidence & Self-Discipline. Available on

Managing carbohydrate intake is KEY to preventing adult onset diabetes. Work directly with your own RN, Clinical Medical Hypnotherapist each day & change your health outcomes. Always FREE MP3 SESSIONS on

HEALTHY EATING FOR TEENS ! An Interactive Self-Hypnosis eBook containing SESSIONS designed to bring awareness & healthy change to the unbalanced eating behaviors of teenagers...including dealing with peer pressure, responsibility for health & lifestyle behaviors. A "true Lifestyle Change Program" written & recorded by RN, Clinical Medical Hypnotherapist.

Childhood Trauma

Childhood Trauma

Childhood Trauma

Dual #Diagnosis: In my experience, #uppers (like #cocaine or #amphetamines) are used to relieve #depression while depressants (like #alcohol) are used more to relieve #anxiety, #hyperarousal, #dissociation, #shame type symptoms of trauma. What's your experience with this? #Funda